About Me

Welcome! Hi, and welcome to my blog & newsletter. I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, since September 2017. I manage the Real-time Communications Abuse team within Counter-Abuse Technology.

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Personal automation with Huginn using Slack, Docker and GCP

Learn how to create an automated personal assistant with Huginn, and deploy it for free on GCP using Docker.

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NextJS: server-side and client-side mismatch

Learn how to solve a mismatch between the server-side and client-side in NextJS.

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Photoshop Hijacks Your Cursor

I came across an interesting webdev bug today. For some reason, on my site, my cursor was not working correctly. When hovering over links or buttons or elements that set cursor: pointer, my cursor did not turn into a pointer hand; instead, it stayed as a regular ol’ cursor. This was odd. I didn’t

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Automatically remove unused imports & variables in Vim using ALE and ESLint

Use the power of Vim, ALE and ESLint to automagically remove all unused imports from your Javascript files.

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Google software engineer. Previously @ Coinbase. uWaterloo alum, enjoying good ☕️ and better 🍷.